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Additional Services

Additional Services

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Switch and Save

No balance transfer fee.

Use our form below to transfer your balance with no balance transfer fee. If you have more than three balances to move, you may submit the first three transfer requests and then complete the form again for the remainder of your transfer requests. 1

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Skip the Gifting Guess Work

This couldn't be easier.

A Visa® gift card from First Commonwealth is ideal for those tricky-to-please individuals. With a low $3 processing fee, they're easy to purchase and are a lifeline for those prone to card losses. The added security of Visa ensures a replacement card if lost or stolen, making it a worry-free gift option.

  • Schedule an appointment to pick up a gift card today in one of our financial centers
  • Choose from a variety of designs
  • Amounts range from $10 to $1,000


1 Confirm the addresses for each creditor are correct. We do not verify payoff amounts or addresses with other institutions. First Commonwealth will disburse funds via a cashier's check, which will be sent to your creditor by mail. Please review our cashiers check policy.

Please note: Because there may be delays in the processing of your Balance Transfers, you should continue to monitor your other accounts and pay the minimum payments due on those accounts until you receive statements from those creditors showing that the balances have been paid in full. You are liable for any late payments, finance charges or disputed amounts on your other accounts.

Finance charges begin accruing on the day the balance transfer is processed. If your balance transfer request exceeds your available balance, we will transfer the amount up to your available balance.